A Message from the Chancellor

G. Keith Pinchback THE BIRD IS BACK! We are terribly excited about what the near future holds for our Ridge Runners. We have BIG NEWS, districtwide, as we announce a brand, new opportunity for students on each of our three campuses in the form of competitive eSports beginning this fall! As if that weren’t enough, we have officially announced that we are bringing back our collegiate basketball teams for men and women on our Helena campus in a newly remodeled gymnasium.

At PCCUA, we are known for excellence in our educational programs and the contributions we have made to our home communities. Our history in basketball was unprecedented in our early years, and we hope to once again regain that prestige and glory by recruiting and conditioning top athletes to our program.

Our students continue to be our motivation to keep changing and evolving with new opportunities for academic and personal growth, and we continually look for ways to enhance their overall student experience, while they are here with us. We are all about encouraging our students to think about how important education is in building our families and our communities. Through engaging coursework, leadership, and social and supplementary activities, both in and out of the classroom, we are in this together and with you all the way.

Though we were the first community college in Arkansas and draw from that historical lineage, we are ever mindful of our changing world, what those changes can mean for you and me, and what it is to be a leading community college in this modern age.



G. Keith Pinchback, Ed.D.