Academic Skills Placement

Students enrolling at PCCUA are required to provide placement scores before enrolling. PCCUA accepts ACT, NG ACCUPLACER, and COMPASS scores for English, Reading, and Mathematics placement.  Students scoring less than 19 in any of those subtests of the ACT are required to take the NG ACCUPLACER test before they can register for courses. PCCUA administers the NG ACCUPLACER test at no charge to the student. Students not scoring 19 or above on the ACT (or other test score equivalent) must enroll in the appropriate sequential developmental math, reading, and English courses during their first semester in college and each subsequent semester until the requirements are successfully completed. The Placement Score chart provides the scores needed for placement in academic skills courses and college gateway coursework. 

Placement Scores in English, Reading, and Mathematics 

EH 1013 (Basic Writing I) and EH 1011 (Basic Writing I Lab)   225 or below on Writing  13 or below on English
EH 1023 (Basic Writing II) and EH 1021 (Basic Writing II Lab)  226-250 on Writing  14-18 on English 
EH 113 (Composition  I)  251 or above on Writing  19 on English 
MS 1002 (Remediation for MS 1023)  227 or below  14 or below 
MS 1023 (Elementary Algebra)  228-236 on QAS 15-16 on Math 
MS 1121 (Remediation for MS 123)  237-238  17-18 on Math 
MS 123 (College Algebra)  249 or above on QAS  19 ACT 
MS 143 (Technical Math)  237 or above on QAS  16 or above on Math 
DS 103 (Introduction to College Reading Skills) and  DS 1031 (Reading Lab I)  231 or below on Reading   13 or below on Reading
DS 123  (College Reading Strategies) and DS 1231 (Reading Lab II)  232-250 on Reading  14-18 on Reading 
Exemption from Reading  251 or above on Reading  19 on Reading 
EH-1023 &  EH-113 COMBO Helena Only  226-250 on Writing AND Completion of DS 123 or exempt from Reading  14-18 on English AND completion of DS 123 or exempt from Reading