Behavior Health

Degrees and Certificates


BH 103: Health Care Delivery

Lecture Hours 3 Credits 3
This course provides a history of the development of health care in the United States. It focuses on health care delivery issues and current trends in health care management.

BH 113: Chronic and Infectious Disease

Lecture Hours 3 Credits 3
This survey course introduces the student to chronic disorders and infectious diseases. There is a strong emphasis on disorders afflicting the elderly. Safety and security, infection control, HIV/AIDS, and blood borne diseases will be discussed.

BH 123: Theories and Treatment of Social Problems

Lecture Hours 3 Credits 3
ACTS Equivalent Course Number
SOCI 2013
Theories and Treatments of Social Problems, BH 123 (SOCI 2013), is an introductory course examining theories and treatment of major social problems faced by society. The course focuses on the study of identification, intervention, assessment, and referral and is grounded in sociological principles of investigation. The course also reviews reactions to health/behavioral health related problems.

BH 143: Practicum in Behavioral Health

Lecture Hours 3 Credits 3

The Behavioral Health Practicum provides field experience in a behavioral health/human service environment. Students will be assigned a field observer who will supervise the student’s ability to apply classroom theory to the behavioral health/human service practice.

BH 153: Practicum Seminar in Behavioral Health

Lecture Hours 3 Credits 3
The Behavioral Health Practicum Seminar provides an opportunity for students to discuss practical applications of classroom theory and allows interaction among practicum students. Students will plan, implement, and evaluate practicum. Further,written documentation of the practicum experience will be completed in this class.