CDL/Truck Driving

Degrees and Certificates


TD 102: Truck Maintenance and Road Safety

Credits 2
This course examines the basics of preventive maintenance and inspection procedures for gasoline and diesel powered tractor-trailers.Students will demonstrate proficiency with maintenance of drivelines, brake systems, electrical systems, and other concerns faced by the professional truck driver. Students will also demonstrate proficiency in map reading and use of log book procedures.

TD 103: Truck Driving II

Credits 3
This course is a continuation of Truck Driving I and is designed to focus on developing advanced driving skills and practice. Students will demonstrate proficiency in cargo handling, driving on two and four lane roads, urban and rural driving strategies,night driving, and weather conditioned driving. Students will also experience pulling heavy and empty loads and a variety of trailer types.

TD 104: Truck Driving I

Credits 4
This course focuses on vehicle inspection, preventative maintenance, and hands-on defensive driving. Students will demonstrate proficiency in coupling and uncoupling correctly which is basic to the safe operation of combination vehicles. Students will also demonstrate proficiency in shifting, backing, and city and highway driving.

TD 106: Road Internship

Credits 6
Students will complete an internship of direct road driving which includes pre and post trip applications under the direct supervision of the CDL/Truck Driving Instructor. Students will gain experience in combining classroom theory with on the road driving.

TD 112: Road Regulations and Rules

Credits 2
This course provides a review and understanding of the federal and state Department of Transportation (DOT) rules and regulations for the trucking industry and application of this knowledge to the professional operation of commercial vehicles.

TD 122: CDL Refresher

Lecture/Lab Hours
Credits 2

This course provides refresher training for individuals with an expired CDL license or those who need to update driver training skills.The course will also cover skills for hazmat, double and triples, and tanker certifications.