Community Service & Continuing Education

Community Service and Continuing Education are an important outreach for Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas. Through Community Service and Continuing Education Programs, individuals have opportunities to participate in educational, cultural, professional, and recreational services. Community Service and related programs are designed to provide:

  • Continuing education opportunities for individuals wanting to upgrade their present skills or explore new occupational opportunities.
  • Cultural and community enrichment programs for individuals or groups seeking to enhance the quality of community life.
  • Resources for business, industry, and professional groups needing to supplement their own training and development programs.

Programs are offered throughout the year to meet community needs as they arise. These may be in the form of short seminars, semester-long classes, extended certificate, or diploma curricula.

In addition to Community Service and Continuing Education classes, the College extends other services to the community. Through the College, personnel are available to serve as speakers for business, professional, civic, service, educational, social, and other groups.

Community Service and Continuing Education classes are open to all persons. There are no educational prerequisites which a person must satisfy.