Cyber Security

Degrees and Certificates


CYS 103: Scripting Fundamentals

Lecture Hours 3 Credits 3

This course offers an in-depth introduction to scripting languages including basic data types, control structures, regular expressions,input/output, and textual analysis.

CYS 113: Advanced Linux Operating Systems

Lecture Hours 3 Credits 3

This course introduces the student to the fundamentals of system administration using Linux operating systems. Additionally, the course provides the broad-based knowledge necessary to prepare students for further study in other specialized security fields.

CYS 123: Intrusion Detection/Prevention

Lecture Hours 3 Credits 3

Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems are critical components of well-designed network architectures. These systems act as a line of defense, helping protect company assets from attacks. In this course, students gain a thorough grounding in the design, implementation,and administration of IDSes/IPSes, as well as practical, hands-on experience working with these systems. In addition, students analyze various attack signatures and the network traffic these systems collect.

CYS 133: Network Security Fundamentals

Lecture Hours 3 Credits 3

This course prepares students for entry-level security specialist careers by developing an in-depth understanding of network security principles and the tools and configurations needed to secure a network.

CYS 143: Ethical Hacking/Network Defense

Lecture Hours 3 Credits 3
This capstone course combines an ethical hacking methodology with the hands-on application of security tools to better help students secure their systems. Students are introduced to common countermeasures that effectively reduce and/or mitigate attacks.