Graphic Communications

Degrees and Certificates


PR 103: Graphic Art & Design I

Lecture Hours 3 Credits 3
A visual communication of specific ideas in a clean and exact manner. Assignments include illustration and graphic symbolism using computers and laser printers for designing purposes.

PR 113: Graphic Art & Design II

Lecture Hours 3 Credits 3
A continuation of Graphic Art & Design I with emphasis on package design, client presentation, an advertising campaign utilizing the print media such as direct mail, point of purchase and billboard illustration.

PR 114: Printmaking

Lecture/Lab Hours
Credits 4
Allows students to explore traditional and contemporary printmaking processes while creating indelible multiples or one-of-a-kind prints of your own images. Topics include woodcut, intaglio, serigraphy, lithography, calligraphy and monotype and a history of each.

PR 123: Graphic Design Typography

Lecture Hours 3 Credits 3
An exploration of letter forms and the crucial role they play in graphic design. Includes handcrafted calligraphy and computer manipulated characters. Emphasis is placed on choosing typefaces and applying them creatively.

PR 133: Illustration I

Lecture Hours 3 Credits 3
In this introduction to the fundamentals of drawing for illustration, freehand sketching, perspective, and drafting techniques are covered.Emphasis is on tight rendering. Projects include spot drawings, pencil, pen and ink, two-color, and technical/project illustration.

PR 143: Illustration II

Lecture Hours 3 Credits 3
A continuation of Illustration I. Emphasis is on conceptual development and the application of various media and techniques examined through contemporary illustrators. Students are assigned a variety of projects with realistic limitations. Assignments may include fairy tales, fables, book illustration, trade publishing, non-fiction, and editorial assignments.

PR 164: Digital Photography

Lecture Hours 4 Credits 4
An introduction to the basic concepts of digital photography and preparing the images for print through applied studio problems.

PR 224: Two Dimensional Design

Lecture Hours 4 Credits 4
The basic art elements: color theory and two-dimensional composition; applied studio problems. Concentration on 2-D imaging creation is the focus of this course. Students use raster, vector, and layout programs to create original works.

PR 233: Printing and Layout Design

Lecture Hours 3 Credits 3
The design and development of various types of layouts. Copy mark-up, styles in display, and principles of conventional and modern layouts covered. Software used include Adobe InDesign, Quark, and MS Publisher.

PR 274: Computer Graphics

Lecture Hours 4 Credits 4
Students will use graphic software as tools to create various projects emphasizing different design and production capabilities. Using software such as Adobe Photoshop, Image Ready, Corel Paint Shop Pro and Illustrator, students will learn the basics of scanning, manipulation of digital images and creation of vector