Minimum Requirements Associate of Arts Degree, Associate of Science Degree, and Associate of Applied Science Degree

  A.A. A.S. A.A.S.
GROUP I: English and Fine Arts
EH 113, 123, (ENGL 1013/1023) Composition I & II  6 6 6-9
World Literature I or II 3    
Fine Arts, Literature, Music Appreciation, Philosophy 6 3  
Speech 3 3  
GROUP II: Social Science
HY 163, or 173, (HIST 1113/1123) World Civilizations I or II 3 3  
HY 213 or 223, (HIST 2113/2123) U.S. History  3 3  
Electives: Economics, Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology 9 3 3
GROUP III: Natural Science and Mathematics
Biological Science: General Biology Zoology, Botany  4 8  
Physical Science: Physics, Chemistry, Physical Science 4 8  
Mathematics: *College Algebra, **Technical Math Trigonometry, Geometry, Calculus and Quantitative Reasoning *3 9 **3
GROUP IV: Physical Education
 Physical Education Courses  1 1  
GROUP V: Computer Technology
Computer Technology Courses  3 3 3
Total Minimum Semester Hours  48 50 15-18
Required by Course or Area     39-32
Approved Electives 12 10 6-10
Total Minimum Semester Hours for Graduation  60 60 ***60

* College Algebra or a higher math course is required for the A.A. Degree.
** Technical Math or equivalent to College Algebra accepted for specific AAS.
***Note:  AAS degree minimum requirements do not reflect a total of 60 credits in the Minimum Requirements Table. The type of AAS degree determines the general education course requirements within that degree plan.  In keeping with Arkansas requirements, all AAS degrees are 60 credit hours except the ADN and MLT programs which are approved for more than 60 credit hours.