PNP 109: Concepts of Practical Nursing in the Care of Patients with Chronic, Stable Conditions

Lecture Hours 7/wk Clinical Hours 6/wk Credits 9
This course focuses on foundational concepts and basic nursing skills necessary for safe, patient-centered nursing care to patients with chronic, stable conditions while integrating management, ethical, and legal responsibilites of the Practical Nurse. This course focuses on the geriatric patient and patients with mental health issues. This course introduces the concept of clinical judgment applied to nursing practice, the nursing process, cultural diversity, and communication used when interacting with patients and members of the interprofessional team. Other program concepts such as evidence-based care, teamwork/collaboration, quality improvement, management, and information technology are also introduced. Application of knowledge and skills occurs in the nursing skills laboratory and in a variety of clinical settings while providing restoration, promotion and maintenance of physical and mental health and prevention of illness.


EH 113 (ENGL 1013), MS 143, or MS 1123 or higher