Occupational/Vocational Curricula

Technological advances during recent years have greatly influenced modern society at work and in the home. Technical knowledge and skills are changing at a rapid rate as business and industry become even more complex.

Along with this rapid expansion of technical knowledge comes a multitude of new opportunities not imagined in earlier years. This explosion of technology is demanding a supply of many more technically competent people to fill the newly created positions. Those who will enter the work force must be educated and trained. Those who are already on the job must be continuously upgraded and updated in their knowledge and skills.

The career pathway of the two-year occupational programs are designed to provide the technical knowledge and skills necessary for successful employment at a semi-professional level within various fields of business and industry.  The broad technical experience provided, along with the required mathematics and science, should give individuals the necessary technical foundation and flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing world of technology.

In an effort to serve the total community and its wide range of educational needs, Phillips Community College also developed a selected number of certificate programs. These selected programs are to be preparatory in nature and designed for those students wishing to further their education within a specific occupational area for future employment.

A number of short-term courses are offered for those wishing to update themselves in their present field of work. These courses are offered on the basis of community need, interest, availability of qualified instructors, equipment and budget limitation.