PCCUA High School Enrollment Programs

Concurrent enrollment allows high school students the opportunity to enroll in college level courses while continuing their high school courses and activities.  Many options are open to high school students.

  1. Concurrent Enrollment: PCCUA’s concurrent enrollment program is available for high school students eligible to enroll in college courses.  Students take classes for college credit and these classes are typically taught on the high school campus by a high school instructor.  Some concurrently enrolled students can earn a Certificate of General Studies or an Associate of Arts degree while in high school.
  2. PCCUA Secondary Area Career & Technical Center: Offers programs to local high school students under the auspices of the Arkansas Department of Career Education.  Often referred to as the Secondary Center, courses offered through this program are taught on all three PCCUA Campuses.  Programs on each campus are listed: DeWitt Campus--Criminal Justice, Medical Professions, Advanced Manufacturing and Welding. Helena-West Helena Campus-- Advanced  Manufacturing, Computer Engineering, Criminal Justice and  Medical Professions Education.  Stuttgart Campus--Criminal Justice, Medical Professions Education and Advanced Manufacturing.  **The DeWitt Campus also offers a variety of AG concurrent courses that do not fall under the above listed Technical Center programs.
  3. Dual Enrollment: High school students enroll in college classes at PCCUA.  They are registered in classes with other college students.
  4. Combinations: Students may enroll in a combination of two or three programs as concurrent, Secondary Center, and dual enrolled status.

All high school enrollment classes are college level courses available to high school students.  Students may receive high school and college credit simultaneously.