PCCUA Vision

Imagine a college...

  • At which every student is intentionally connected to an individual person who feels responsible for that student’s success.
  • At which every student is clear about the College’s high expectations for performance--and every student has high aspirations for his or her success.
  • At which every student defines educational goals and develops a plan for attaining them. Imagine further that these plans are updated regularly, with guidance, as students progress.
  • At which all academically under prepared students have an effective, efficient path to completing developmental education and beginning college-level work.
  • At which engaged learning is intentional, inescapable, and the norm for all students.
  • At which every student is met with a personalized network of financial, academic, and social support.
  • At which all students graduate with a certificate or degree that prepares them to succeed in the workplace or to transfer to a four-year college or university.
  • Fully engaged in the communities it serves, listening to their voices, responding to their needs.

You have imagined the college we seek to be.

Adapted from Center for Community College Student Engagement. (2008). Imagine Success: Engaging Entering Students (2008 SENSE Field Test Findings). Austin, Texas; The University of Texas at Austin, Community College Leadership Program.