Physical Education

Degrees and Certificates


PE 102: Teaching Tennis

Lab Hours 3 Credits 2

This course emphasizes teaching methods and skill proficiency. This course is recommended for physical education majors.

PE 223: Health and Safety

Lecture Hours 3 Credits 3
ACTS Equivalent Course Number
HEAL 1003

Health and Safety, PE 223 (HEAL 1003), is a study of the principles and concepts of health and safety for optimal wellness, including both personal and community wellness. The course requires reading and studying the text. In addition, a lecture outline and other study aids are available on the Web for each chapter. Reading and written assignments will be given for chapters 3-16.

PE 243: First Aid

Lecture Hours 3 Credits 3

The training of individuals to render competent first aid in case of injury or illness until the services of medical personnel can be secured. Upon successful completion of this course, students receive certification cards from American Red Cross.

PEAC 131: Physical Conditioning

Lab Hours 2 Credits 1
Basic conditioning including weight training, stretching, and aerobic workouts on the exercise equipment in the Fitness Center.

PEAC 142: Fitness Concepts

Lab Hours 3 Credits 2

Provides knowledge and appreciation of the importance of lifelong fitness and well-being through physical activity. Course design includes classroom lectures, fitness evaluations, and participation in a lifelong physical activity.

PEAC 143: Concepts of Fitness & Wellness

Lab Hours 3 Credits 3

The purpose of this course is to acquaint the students with the concepts and values of physical fitness, proper nutrition, weight management, stress management and the risks attached to negative lifestyle behaviors. Students will learn to evaluate their fitness, nutrition, body fat, and stress levels, identify their goals, and write their own exercise prescriptions. Classes will be conducted in both the classroom and Fitness Center.

PEAC 231: Intermediate Tennis

Lab Hours 2 Credits 1
A continuation of the fundamentals of tennis with emphasis on the advanced skills, strategy, and knowledge of doubles play.

PEAC 1151: Yoga

Lab Hours 2 Credits 1
Yoga is a system of exercises for attaining bodily or mental control and well-being. Yoga is a combination of traditional Eastern yoga disciplines with new dynamic techniques. It is designed to make the participant feel longer and stronger, reduce pain and relieve stress. Using a combination of power Yoga and Pilates this class will strengthen, stretch and relax the participants body. Yoga begins with a progressive series of postures to warm the muscles and prepare the body for the strength and core conditioning exercises. The relaxation and meditation is the perfect ending. Each participant will need to bring his or her own mat and towel.

PEAC 2911: Martial Arts II

Lab Hours 2 Credits 1
This course will cover the requirements needed to gain ranks of blue through green belts in martial arts. It will also acquaint students with the advanced history, philosophy and terminology of martial arts through lecture and physical activities.