Placement Testing

Students must achieve a score of 19 or higher on each of the math, English, and reading portions of the ACT to enroll in college-level English and math courses. Students who have not achieved a score of 19 or higher on each of the math, English, and reading portions of the ACT must provide other approved placement test scores in the deficient area(s). Students scoring below the standard are required to enroll in the appropriate developmental courses during their first semester, and remain in such courses until they have successfully completed the developmental sequence.

Students enrolled in and whose listed major is a Certificate of Proficiency (CP) program that does not require English or math courses are not required to provide test scores. After completing the CP, if the student wants to pursue a technical certificate or associates degree, the student will be required to provide test scores.

Students may take the NG ACCUPLACER test at no charge on all three campuses. Before taking the test, students are offered the opportunity to prep by way of accessing the following link: during which areas that need improvement are identified and reviewed. Students can receive personal and computerized assistance in these areas in order to maximize their NG ACCUPLACER test scores. Higher scores on the NG ACCUPLACER test may result in fewer classes needed to complete a degree or certificate.

Advanced Placement Credit

Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas will award college credit to entering freshmen based upon Advanced Placement Examination results. Credit will be awarded, but no grade will be assigned.

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) Policy

The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a standardized, national examination by which students may earn college credit. The minimum scores acceptable for the awarding of credit, however, are determined by the individual college. Students enrolling at Phillips Community College may earn up to 30 hours of credit through either the general or subject examinations with the following provisions:

  1. No grade will be given for CLEP credit. CLEP credit will be entered on the transcript as “Credit by CLEP examination”, and the CLEP score earned will be noted.
  2. CLEP credit will not be posted on the transcript until a student has earned 9 hours in regular course work at PCCUA. At that point, the student should petition to the Registrar to have the CLEP credit placed on the transcript. 
  3. A student may not take the CLEP examination and receive CLEP credit after taking and completing with either a passing or failing grade a comparable course at PCCUA.
  4. CLEP credit earned at other colleges will be accepted at PCCUA provided the following score requirements listed are met, and an official CLEP score report is submitted.
  5. A fee is charged for each CLEP examination taken. Students interested in taking CLEP examinations should contact the Testing Center to register for a CLEP examination. The CLEP examinations, the minimum scores required for CLEP credit, and the PCCUA course equivalents are listed in the Approved General Examinations box.