Rowdy Rents

PCCUA offers  students the ROWDY-RENTS Textbook Rental Program.  This program allows students to rent textbooks at the low rate of $22 per credit hour. ROWDY-RENTS rental textbooks are available for pickup in the Library on all three campuses.

  • ROWDY-RENTS is available to ALL students
  • ACCESS to all  textbooks before the first day of class
  • LOWER, CONSISTENT PRICES on all of your textbooks
  • The cost of your textbooks can be included on your STUDENT ACCOUNT regardless of financial aid
  • Rental fee on only $22 per credit hour, including sales tax!!

Important Notes:

  • All textbooks for a student’s schedule must be rented through the program. Students cannot pick and choose which text-books they rent.
  • Students must complete an Opt-Out form if they do not wish to participate in the program.
  • Students must either “opt-in” or “opt-out”, meaning they will rent all or none of their textbooks from the College. Students will not be charged for courses which do not require a textbook. If a student wishes to purchase their textbooks, they must purchase them from external book vendors such as Amazon, Chegg, etc.
  • Before purchasing a textbook,  check with your program advisor because some programs, especially Allied Health, require specific editions and lab kits.