Full-time Students (15 credit hours or more)

Phillips/Arkansas County resident $1155.00

Out-of-District resident

(Coahoma, DeSoto, Tunica, Quitman and Bolivar County residents of MS and Shelby County, TN are classified as “out-of-district” rather than “non-Arkansas.”)

Non-Arkansas resident $2175.00
NOTE: Credit hours are capped at 15 hrs.

Part-time Students (less than 15 credit hours)

Phillips/Arkansas County resident:
(per semester hour)
Out-of-District resident:
(per semester hour)
Non-Arkansas resident:
(per semester hour)


Special Services Fee $8 (per credit hour) ($120.00 max)
Technology Fee $9.00 (per credit hour) ($135.00 max)
Publication Fee (3 or more credit hours) $10.00
Safety Fee ($8 per credit hour) ($120.00 max)
Facility Fee ($5.00 per credit hour) ($75.00 max)
Online Courses $10 (per credit hour) ($150.00 max)

Other Fees

Allied Health Students
Nursing Testing Fee (per semester) $40.00
EMT, Nursing, Medical Laboratory Technician, and Phlebotomy course $50.00
EMT Materials Fee $115.00
Occupational Therapy Asst. Fee $500.00
Registry Exam Fee (PLB 114) $135.00
Registry Exam Fee (MLS 213) $215.00
Business Office Fees
Tuition payment plan fee $35.00
Late payment fee $25.00
Returned check/payment fee $25.00
Orientation fee (failure to attend) $70.00
Certification & Materials Fee (PE 243) $30.00

Developmental Math Software Fee

(MS 1023)


Lab--Biology, Chemistry & Phy. Science courses

(Does not cover damage or breakage to non-expendable equipment)

Printing $10.00
Technical Programs $10.00
Commercial Truck Driving (TD104) $1000.00
Construction Trades Program Fee
(CC103) $250.00
(CC113) $250.00
Cosmetology Kit (COSM courses) $800.00
Early Childhood Education Field Study & CDA Testing
(ECD 1001) $350.00
(ECD 1101) $375.00
(EN 223-Praxis) $130.00
Facility Usage
Stuttgart (Bowling) $30.00
Fitness Center
Non-Credit $55.00 semester/$125.00 annually
Credit $25.00
Helena-West Helena campus $35.00
AR County $35.00
Graduation FREE
I.D. Card Replacement $10.00
Independent Study $100.00

Parking Fines

(1st violation-$10; 2nd violation-$20; 3rd violation-$40 4th violation-$60; 5th violation-$60; Failure to display parking permit-$30; Handicapped parking violation-$50)

Physical Education (PEAC courses) $10.00
Text Solution Book Rental
Book Rental Fee (per credit hour) $22.00
Non-Return book Fee $66.00
Late Fee (per book/per day) $10.00
Course Code Fee $10 to $50 per course
Transcript FREE
Welding Materials Fee $250.00
Vehicle Registration (per year)
1st decal FREE
2nd decal $10.00

*PCCUA reserves the right to change tuition and fees at any time.